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What Foods Are Good For Menopause?

Antioxidant rich foods, heart-healthy foods, foods for keeping muscle, essential foods for bone health, and cooling foods to help prevent hot flashes are all good for us while we’re dealing with menopause. Each category of foods serves its purpose perfectly, especially considering the decline in estrogen levels throughout our body negatively impacts our overall metabolism […]
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Can a Woman Orgasm After Menopause?

Sex is a big part of life, and a big part of our relationship with our partner. Life after menopause isn’t meant to be sexless. To ease your overthinking mind early on, the answer to the question is yes, you can orgasm after menopause. It’s not necessarily an easy ride, though. You have to work […]
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What Not To Eat After Menopause?

But the foods to avoid during menopause aren’t foods that would harm you and your body. No, the foods are to be avoided so that you can minimize the awful symptoms that come along with menopause. Think about it. Spicy foods aren’t going to help hot flashes go away. Caffeine isn’t going to make insomnia […]
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Why Do Breasts Enlarge After Menopause?

So, if you’re asking yourself is it normal to have breast pain after menopause, the answer is yes. Ultimately, we want to know and be aware of the changes that our breasts can go through during these times, so that we can also prepare ourselves for what our breasts will look like after menopause. Questions […]
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Why is My Stomach So Big After Menopause?

But ladies, there is a solution to menopause weight gain – or multiple solutions if I’m being honest. You just have to have faith in yourself, remind yourself that you can reduce that belly fat, and stay in line with that motivation. Stomach fat is unavoidable for many women, especially as they age. Yes, that’s […]
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How To Reduce Hot Flashes Caused By Menopause?

Our temperature goes up and we can’t control it. We start to sweat and feel uncomfortable. And, our heart rate sometimes rises more than normal. The worst part about a hot flash is that they’re nearly uncontrollable once they start. Yes, there are ways to prevent or even reduce hot flash occurrences, but hot flashes […]
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