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How Can I Overcome Menopause Anxiety?

Even still, perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause all hit us in a different light. Some women get it worse than others, and some women are practically let off the hook. All these lifestyle changes make us emotional and vulnerable to everyday life. Juggling what our bodies are going through and what’s going on in our minds […]
How To Reduce Mood Swings Caused By Menopause?

Medical treatments and therapies can change a woman’s mood in a positive way. There are long term and short term procedures to choose from. Herbal supplements are another healthcare option that can help. Then, there’s the old fashioned exercise regularly and keep to a healthy diet to boost overall mood. Limiting what stresses you out […]
What is The Average Age of Perimenopause?

While the age of perimenopause varies from one woman to another, the average age of perimenopause is between 42 and 47 years old. Several factors can influence this age, such as the occurrence of irregular menstrual cycles, genetics, stress, socioeconomic factors, marital status, diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, ovarian surgery, and chemotherapy. Some factors cannot be […]